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November 28, 2005



I can't believe I read the whole thing! The kids sound cool, though any musical respect I had for them instantly evaporated the moment you mentioned Blink 182. Okay, I know they're just kids, but cahmaahhhn. Blink? Freaking BLINK? Anyway, I took issue with your description of the Thanksgiving holiday, celebrating the raping and pillaging and whatnot. Didn't you see "Pieces of April"? Thanksgiving is no more about cowboys (or whatever) and indians (or whatever) than Christmas is about that magic baby (or whatever). Thanksgiving is about that day, no, that moment, in your life when you realize that you can't do it alone, that you need other people. To put it in terms you'd understand, Thanksgiving is about that warm-happy moment just before the Browncoats bit into those apples that were tossed into their trenches by the Alliance soldiers. As for ipod vs. socks, how about ipod socks?


yeah, yeah mike. you right! i was just funning. i used to really be against the idea of it, but really like the theme of thanks,love, family,etc. that it now represents. i did see "pieces of april" and dug it. but, there is nothing wrong w/ being alone. i do lots of things alone. sure they're usually inappropriate to do in public, but it's fun! :P

and dont be hatin on the blink! i dig em too! when the kids read this you may have just made enemies for life, so be prepared! :)

ipod socks is a good idea! i'll contact apple right away.

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