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February 12, 2006



You forgot, Bruce Willis is really dead in the Sixth Sense.


Although I agree with what you're saying, I think the Rosebud/Citizen Kane is not a good example. The whole Rosebud thing is a MacGuffin, at best, and anyone who thinks that Rosebud is what Citizen Kane is "about" is, I think, missing the point entirely.

Mr. Aquino, you have the responsibility to inform, entertain, or otherwise keep-distracted-from-their-daily-grind your audience. I realize that this is a responsibility that you have placed upon yourself, but it is a responsibility nonetheless. I think I speak for all the Internets when I implore you to please be more mindful of this in the future, yo.

jimmy're stooooooooooooopid. and that's why we're friends. and just so you know. we're NOT friends any more. :P


You find any reason to put Jessica Alba in your blog, don't you?! :) Good thing I'm not the jealous type! Hahaha!

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