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March 31, 2006



2 notes in re: Hooters Air:

1) Back when they first started, the boys at Maxim or Cargo or one of those mags took some flights to check it out and concluded that the stewardesses were EXACTLY the same surly, middleaged-and-older, move-on-nothing-to-see-here stewardesses you'd see on any other flight on, say, Delta or Southwestern.

2) Just saw on NY1 yesterday that they are basically shutting down operations - they're still gonna do charter flights and stuff for sports teams and such, so unless you join the NFL or can get together a bunch of your straight friends and a coupla k scratch, you are, as we used to say in library school, S.O.L.

At the risk of sounding either racist and sexist (don't you love it when people start sentences that way? You just know they're gonna do both), hot stewardesses basically only exist anymore on international airlines, particularly the Asian ones (KAL and Thai Air in particular are known for hiring attendants of awe-inspring beauty). I know in Korea at least being a flight attendant still actually MEANS something (you used the word "stigma", which I don't think is what you meant, but I understand your point). Of course, there's nothing for ME to look at on KAL flights because, as everyone knows, there is no such thing as a gay Korean (snark snark). I've always been more into pilots myself, anyway.

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