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April 16, 2006



Joseph was the son of Jacob (a.k.a. Israel). Isaac was JACOB's father, NOT Joseph's.

EVERYone knows that!

Maybe it's just the librarian in me talking, but if it was THAT important, couldn't anyone, you know, look it up?


We had a fun seder this year, too! I found a quickie Haggadah online, did some editing to it, printed it out, and stapled some patently non-kosher Passover song parodies to the back. Did you know you can sing the whole Exodus story to the tune of the "Gilligan's Island" theme? Yep. Check the web; it's all over the place. Also, no Manischevitz this year! None of that sweet stuff I endured all these many decades. Nope, WE finally put up the big bucks and got Kosher for Passover Cabernet. Baron Herzog or something. Yum.

Anyhoo, Sami's non-Jewish pal was in attendance so we pretended he was the innocent, question-asking kid every Passover seder is required to have, and we even made him search for the Afikomen (piece of hide it...finder gets a prize). Not only did we sing the "Gilligan's Island" version of Moses' story, but we also sang the "Les Mis" parody for Elijah: ("Do you hear the doorbell ring? And it's a little after ten! It can only be Elijah come to take a sip again...")

But the BEST part? We had the 10 Plagues in a Bag, which we bought at the local Party Fair just for the occasion. Yes! Plagues in a Bag! Only $12! It had a frog that hopped when you press a bulb. It had a plastic locust and sunglasses (for darkness). It had magic "blood powder" you just add to water to make ...purple disappearing ink. OK, not the closest approximation. And for the Dead Egyptian First Born? A cardboard puzzle that, when you put it together, shows a line drawing of a dead guy, curled in a fetal position. Or, it could be a guy sleeping.

So Jimmy, for your next seder, there're a few ideas to share. Bring your hostess Ten Plagues in A Bag! Teach the folks a few showtune "Passover" songs!

Or, come to our house. I make a parchment-wrapped leg of lamb that absolutely ROCKS. ;-)

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