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June 22, 2006



Just in case anyone wanted some of the holes in Jimmys story filled....
Although my attempt in starting a light saber battle was "febel", atleast I tried. I know nothing about the infamous Serenity, but I heard the words "we met at a Con". The only other time I heard the too cool phrase of "Con" uttered was by a little dog with a cigar, poking fun of people that thought they were Luke.
And let's all give a hand to Jimmy; the guy that talked a lot of smack, then didn't show up for the battle. Funny, that's what all the strippers he stuffed in his closet were saying too.
Now on too the most imortant subject, my darling loser of a horse that Jimmy doesn't even the courtsey to remember. If you look at his papers he is offifially "The Ronald". No wonder he never won a race! To Bit-By-Bit farm he is Roland.... very regal, right? Even if my baby only one 10 races, it's 10 more then Rev, the lump her was mistaken for (sorry Kristin, I'm defending my boy), and 10 more than the long winded, yet mildly amusing writter of this blog.


Ouch! Score Emily. Roland is beautiful - don't think I got any good photos of him, as he was too good to stick his head out of the barn. That bao was excellent. Damn, now I'm all hungry again.

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