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June 29, 2006



Have you ever seen "The Dentist", starring Corbin Bernsen?

Or "Little Shop of Horrors"?


Just take the pain meds the doctor gives you and don't rush with eating anything crunchy or hard. In fact even if you think you're all healed up, for at least a few weeks resist the urge to eat potato chips or anything of the sort. You don't realize how damn sharp those suckers are until you've eaten one after a tooth extraction!

I had I think it was 18 or so teeth extracted at once so I totally feel your pain man. It sucks. None of my baby teeth fell out on their own so the dentist went in and took 'em out when I was thirteen. Ouchy!! I highly recommend PB&J broken up into tiny tiny pieces to be gummed up. Worked for me.

Feel better! :)

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