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June 23, 2006



Damn you can type a lot!


Oh Jimmy. Between the excessive heat and tne rather small group of potential buyers (even smaller than expected, since some chose to completely sit the auction out), it did seem unlikely that the day would rake in quite what we hoped. Too many items, too few pockets...and many of us already paid quite a bit for items that we donated (I can't tell you how I was itching to bid on those Ren Faire tix myself, but that would be buying them twice and I had already bought a pair of passes for the family!) There's definitely a problem, when the donators and the buyers are largely the same group.

It wasn't your auctioning skills, Jimbo, be assured: You did the best *anyone* could to keep the bidding going and the energy there despite the wilting heat.

If there's a next time auction, and I hope there is, I hope you DO hold expensive items for online bidding. Bob and I can help you with shipping (Bob's store sends things UPS -- I do all my shipping via Bonnet Bob!) We can limit on-site bidding to the cool collectible stuff: artwork, figures, videos and the like. In previous years, bidding was pretty brisk in those categories.

For my part, I'm sorry I left early and missed both the end of the auction and the tumbling Kristin excitement. Next year I want to see you and Kristin on the mechanical bull.

Thank you again for the comic book. It broke my heart for a minute, but sometimes? I need a spell of broken before I get back up and see the world whole. If that makes sense.

One final comment about WHITE WOMEN who can cook bao: See, that's just you, being simplistic, lumping all white wimmins together. There is a subset of white -- we're called JEWISH -- that pretty much embraced/ co-opted Asian cooking as our second ethnic cuisine about half a century ago. I've been making Asian food (mostly Chinese) since middle school, sweety.

So, Mr. I Speak For the Asians: Where do I get THE definitive recipe for lumpia?

Love, Suze


Whoa. I'm picturing that scene from "Munich". Which, come to think of it, I never saw. Okay, I'm picturing the poster for "Munich".


I was one of the people that suggested eBay as a bidding motivator. I figured the more bids an item got, the better off Brighid and the PXE folks were, regardless of what the winner did with the item afterwards.

eBay was the reason I bought the Comic Con Reaver. I didn't think it was going for enough, so I was going to sell it on eBay and send you the profits. Of course, seeing as how they're going for significantly less than what I paid right now, I'll have to think of something else. :D

You did a fantastic job putting the auction together and in auctioneering. I feel that we let you down, not the other way around.

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