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July 30, 2006



Finally read the WHOLE SAGA...screeching halt on picture of you with JOSS. That's you! And that's Joss! And I think maybe you didn't even PhotoSplice it together! Jimmy and Jossssss! Sami and I are wrecked with envy. Did the interview podcast happen yet? Did we miss it? Is there a transcript (preferably containing warm-up chatter, "You should meet my friend, Susan Phillips. Don't let the fact that's she's all middle-aged and married throw ya, Joss, cuz really Suze has Got It Going On!")

But you stayed in National Shitty? Yuck. Dude, I wish I'd known aforehand: Coulda set you up with friends of mine or at least warned you off. I only lived in SD for nine years and have family n friends all over.

Gosh I wish I wasn't skeered off by how ginormous the San Diego Comic Con has become since the '80s, because I'd dearly love to go back again and attend with you and your cool friend Cassaday. And meet Joss, and get a new Green Lantern Shirt, and meet Joss. God would it not be fun to do a few shots with That Man? Hell yeah. (Now that you and he are buddies, Jimmy, I know I can rely on you to make it so for Nerdgasm 2007).

;-) Crazy From The Heat.


So when are you going to tell us about meeting Joss and when are we going to hear the podcast interview? Listened to the last podcast and no Joss. Are you leading us on or just a tease?

We want the goods! ;-)


You as Wonder Woman? I'd see that movie. As soon as I get home and some free time, you's gettin' Photoshopped. *grin*


I stumbled across your blog while I was in the process of doing some online research. I'm interested in what the producers of "Lost" mean by saying the Tom Cruise of Brazil will be joining the cast; does that mean the actor is popular or crazy?

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