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July 06, 2006



It may seem like I'm trashing this movie all over town, but I did very much enjoy it, it did exceed my expectations, and I do recommend that everyone see it. The whole airplane sequence is probably my second favorite pure-action scene out of anything I've seen in the last decade, second only to that part in "The Incredibles" when the bad guys are chasing the kid around the island. And speaking of running kids, no one is talking about it but the short flashback where we see the very young Clark leaping around the farm had my heart in my throat the entire time.

Keith Demko

I too was thrilled by Singer's take on the Man of Steel ... My only quibble with it was that, at least to me, Luthor's plot seemed to make very little sense .. I'm looking forward to a new villian in the next one, which can't come soon enough!

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