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August 10, 2006



Random Bit-O'-Honey memory: in the late 70s there was a commercial for the candy where some circus performer, either a rope-walker or a trapeze guy, gets really nervous on the platform so, to stall for time, he puts a piece of the candy in his mouth, and everyone in the audience has to wait forever and ever and ever for him to finish it. My brothers and I were like, cool! A candy that lasts forever (or at least a freakishly long amount of time)! And we were so excited when we found some in our Halloween bags later that year. We each unwrapped a piece and put it in our mouths at the same time so that we could simultaneously experience what we were convinced would be a good hour (at least!) of everlasting candy goodness.

Wow, were we disappointed. The little fuckers were gone in less time than it takes to unwrap a Tootsie Roll.

I died a little bit that day, and the lessons I've learned from that experience continue to influence basically every single aspect of my life today.

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