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August 25, 2006



Only recovering- and "Weekend"- alcoholics (i.e., those who drink only to have something to confess in church, or to have something to tell their co-workers on Monday morning) would ever admit to being an alcoholic. Most alcoholics don't even really realize that they are, let alone admit it. And I think most of those people prefer to drink their vodka-behind-the-washing-machine or their whiskey-in-the-toilet-tank, cry, and beat their children in the sanctity of their own homes, thank you very much.


To add to what Mike said, I think NYC has more "functioning alcoholics" and that skews the numbers. I know at least half my family is. Doesn't mean they can't hold down a job or are bad people, they just have a problem with alcohol. Me, I am one of those "weekend binge drinkers" now but I was an all out, every night of the week functioning alcoholic in my younger days.

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