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September 29, 2006



Now I know Jesus saves, but why does he need money?


See's Candies is NASTY. A lot of east coast people seem to have a weird fascination with them just because you can't get them here, but trust me, they are like half a notch above Russell Stover's. Just because they have their own storefronts doesn't make them "fancy". And everyone on the west coast knows it.


In-N-Out, on the other hand -- AWESOME! Yes, NO trip out west is complete without at least one stop at an In-N-Out. Two words: ANIMAL STYLE.

james (fanty) r

Come on back any time you like Jimmy. We all had a great time chilling, hanging, dancing, eating, drinking.

Couple of notes. While I'd not be a strongly worded as schen, I'm not a See's Candies fan. The best chocolate out of SF is Scharfenburger. Hands down the most awesome 75-80% cacao chocolate you will ever eat.

Mike: You are right, but add Double Double and I'm rockin'

Stephen J.

While Scharffen Berger ( is definitely *good*, I would say that Joseph Schmidt ( is better, and if you want simple incredibly fantastic chocolate, Guittard ( beats both hands-down, especially with their premium E. Guittard line.

All three of these chocolatiers are in the SF Bay Area (only Joseph Schmidt is actually in SF itself). All are worthy. Unfortunately *both* Scharffen Berger *and* Joseph Schmidt have recently been acquired by *spit* Hersheys. They claim they will just let them continue operating exactly as they have been. Hopefully this is true.

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