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November 27, 2006



So THAT'S where my glasses ran off to! And I was just looking for them. :P

I know you want to be a bespectacled mild mannered reporter just so you can run into phone booths and change into a spandex uniform in order to save the world. Tell me I'm wrong. ;)


Haven't we already established that you are a ninja troll in disguise? Or was it a troll ninja? Regardless, one cannot be Superman and a Ninja at the same time! That's not fair for the rest of us. Though if you do decide to take that journalism class, that would be cool, too. Do they even have phone booths anymore?


um....i dont know how to tell you this---you wont become superman if you go to journalist school..........believe i know--i wasted thousands of dollars.
seriously--go for it bro.:)

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