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March 10, 2007



I'm very much opposed to commercials in movie theaters anyway (why did we just pay effing $11 for a ticket, if theaters are being subsidized by ad revenue? you don't see people who pay $20 a month for HBO having to sit through endless ads for Fanta and etc. on those channels, do you?), but you would think in cases such as these they would at least know to choose their audience carefully. Save the Dove ads with naked old ladies for "Something's Gotta Give" - everyone knows that the only people who would see "300" are teh gay men. ;p


I actually liked that. It was beautiful. Of course my drawing classes involve a lot of naked old people so maybe I'm just desensitized. I wonder why they couldn't show it on tv. They may have been naked but you couldn't actually see anything. Huh. Weird.

Oh and I totally agree. I dont' want no freakin commercials after I spent a million dollars on a movie ticket! Trailers, sure but not commercials. Grrr!


kristin loves naked old ladies. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!


Shut it, Jimmy. You know that all those strippers you love so much would l look just like that if they turned the lights on in those dark shady strip joints. :P Heheeee now just TRY to enjoy a strip joint ever again. Mwahahahaaaaa!


i've been there when they turn the lights on. mmmmmmmmmmm....

and you forget...THEY'VE been to my crib w/ the lights on. and the camera on. and the...

well, you get what i'm saying. :P

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