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June 11, 2007



Never got into the Sopranos myself. Saw two or three episodes way back when it started based on the buzz, and frankly couldn't see what the big deal was. I just never had that whole fascination with the mob/mafia/organized crime thing that seems to have my entire generation gripped (maybe it's an east coast/west coast thing?). And yes, as my Jersey-obsessed co-workers constantly tells me, I know that it's not just another typical mafia story (though I don't think I saw anything very "different" in the episodes that I saw, other than the soundtrack), but still, couldn't get into it.

That said, though, I caught the ending online and thought it was really cool! Even though I was obviously not as invested in the story and characters as someone who has faithfully watched and followed the show from beginning to end, even I could see how masterfully shot/edited/acted it was. As I watched it I kept thinking, Geez, if only Six Feet Under had had an ending like this! (Plus, i LOVE Journey, particularly that song.)


I couldn't get into The Sopranos, but I did watch the finale. I didn't like it but Russ loved it. Chase had to do the unexpected and that part of it worked. But for a show that was known for high drama it was a bit of a let down.

Ron Moore blogged about it on the SciFi website. He thought it was brilliant.

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