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October 10, 2007



Okay, here's my take on shows this fall, and I'll put them in order:

Pushing Daisies - I love it! It will be cancelled. Too Tim Burtonish.
Heroes - Kinda slow start-up this year but still enjoying it.
Reaper - Love the devil. Ray Wise from Twin Peaks is perfect.
Chuck - It's light, it's funny and it has Adam Baldwin.
Blood Ties - Hot vampires and a kick-ass woman are always fun. And Spike and Angel just became my second and third favorites for hot vampires. This guy is a male version of Number 6, if you know what I mean. Oh, and this vampire's day job? He's a comic book writer. I can't believe you and Joe have not covered this on your show.
Moonlight - I was iffy about this one too but at the end of episode two we got some real drama and acting so I'm not chucking it yet.
Bonic Woman - Still watching it, but not loving it. Last night was good because Katie Sackoff was in half of it along with some Mark Shepard. I long for some Battlestar Galactica......
Supernatural - Just 'cuz it's fun to watch two hot guys fighting demons.

Obviously I'm not going to continue watching all these shows but I like to give them a chance.

So there you have it! If you are working Saturday, I'll stop by after the meet-up.


And Dexter. I forgot Dexter.


i'm not sure what's gonna happen w/ daisies. it's so damn good. and almost too smart for tv. i'm hopeful though.

i keep forgetting to check out blood ties. might have to find old eps and watch.

moonlight. first ep. just didnt get me. started in on ep 2 and stopped half way through. think i'm done w/ it.


Daisies is too smart for TV which is why I don't think it will last. It lost 3 million viewers between episode one and two. Not a good sign. I'm already prepared to buy the DVDs. I've only bought Firefly and Profit so that tells you how much I like this show.

I was so with you on chucking Moonlight until the last 10 minutes of episode two. And then we got some real heart-felt drama and acting. I'll give it another shot tonight. It may have been an actor's moment and it was just a fluke, but it was good. I'll let you know tomorrow if it was a fluke.

Blood Ties is online. Go to Lifetime....let me just say now for the record, that I NEVER watch Lifetime for Women and Gay Men, but a bunch of Browncoats recommended this show, and well...they were right. In the pilot the woman comes across a little terse but she warms up as the show goes on. I'd say watch three episodes before you judge. A vampire who's day job is a comic book writer? How cool is that?


Saw Moonlight last night. It was painful to watch. The last 5 minutes of episode 2 was a fluke. I'm done.

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