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December 19, 2007



WOW! This episode was the best ever! Seriously, I am not just saying that because I am in it. ;) Seriously, always fun!


Got to say this was a really funny episode even though I understand pretty much "nothing" about about new comic books. (What? Spidey's gay? Does his girl friend know or is she really a lesbian?) But when I listen to the show I can now fake it by saying words like DC Comics, long story arcs, cross-overs and John Cassaday. And as John has said: "There's always room for horses hooves."

I agree that Dark Knight trailer looks great. And speaking of great, the Unemployed Skelly Christmas show complete with product placement was truely brilliant. Right up there with White Christmas. It's gonna be a season classic for me.

I never knew you had a close personal relationship with your socks. I knew a guy who had a long standing relationship with his pink evil bunny slippers but that ended badly. ;-)

Say "hi" to the Spy Guy.

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