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March 07, 2008



It grows back. Besides, sometimes we just need to do a big change to shake things up a little. I say, go for it. I think you'd look great with a David Cassidy haircut.


Buzz buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzz :P

Really though go for it! Josie's right, sometimes a big change is exactly what you need to shake it up. Trust me, I've done it a lot and almost always with my hair. :0) Plus you've got so darn much hair you could even get a more conservative chop and still have the 10 inches Locks of Love requires. Or you could just go for broke and buzz your noggin. Something to be said for either really.

But growing it back from a buzz to something you can pull-back is a bitch. It's currently driving me crazy. I promised my mom to grow it until her wedding. Ugh! I wish I didn't like her so darn much.


GO FOR IT! Maybe you can do a CNI contest, in which folks Photoshop different hairstyles onto your face, to give you ideas. :D


guess you havent seen the CNI forums lately, pris. some photoshopping has already taken place!

elsa martinez

i think that is a wonderful idea, Jimmee - and I love your hair but it will grow back quickly since you are half asian. And you will be benefitting some lucky kid who needs hair (even your hair - that they will be complaining is too straight and doesn't take to curling). DO IT!!

Richard McAuliffe

I hear you only keep it long to cover the "David Hasselhoff's Bitch" tattoo on the back of your neck.
You should display it with pride!


well, the tattoo of your face finally appeared when i shaved my....

nah. too easy. :P

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