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July 11, 2009



I am only going to Comic Con to see Unemployed Skeletor :)


Ah Jimmy, you speak for many of us, sir. Perhaps they should rename the thing shortly. Hollywood marketers would appreciate it.

Actually, they could sell the naming rights to an ambitious studio I'm sure. How about "The SONY SAN DIEGO GEEKFEST." Comics just get in the way now. Certainly moreso when you consider the costs the con charge for booth space. As a not for profit, they should drastically overcharge the rich studios & virtually give away booths to comics types to help fund the arts...which is what it's all meant to be about!


I agree with what you are saying Jimmy and I think it's fair. Things like Iron Man, BSG and 24 make total sense other stuff...not so much.

Jimmy Aquino

not sure i agree w/ 24 being there either. ive never seen it but i certainly know what it's about. dont see how it relates to nerd-dom. maybe if it had vampires or powers in it. :)


Hope you have a great time in San Diego! Hey, could you put a word in for me? I think there should be a comic about a girl who is a nurse by day, and a kickass superhero by night. And by superhero, I don't mean stripper jimmy....

Jimmy Aquino

kelle- i totally wrote a nurse superhero. she's nurse by day/hero by night. no stripper, but she is called "Pole Dancer". she carries around a large staff and swings/gyrates around it thus distracting villains and then kicking them into submission w/ her 6" plastic heels. :) im using you as a model.

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